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I've been a disc jockey since 2007.  Although I specialize in mixing hip-hop, pop, rap, house and reggaeton, I truly love all types of music.  Below are some samples of my music sets.  In my years as a DJ, I've learned that people develop special connections with music.  At a wedding, for example, you might want a special song played.  With this in mind, I try and keep the songs in their truest forms.  So if you want to hear "Bye Bye Bye" on your wedding night, I'll play it just like you remember and not a techno version I blend with another song.  I want to keep everyone dancing, but not at the expense of losing what makes people fall in love with certain songs.  That's my philosophy.  Be sure to listen to my mixes below and follow me on Mixcloud for my latest sets.

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